Thursday, April 07, 2016

Tulsa by the numbers - Crimes and Punishment

By D'Angelo Brewer

Tulsa Oklahoma is known as one of the most dangerous cities in Oklahoma. Since the year 2000 Tulsa has seen a dramatic rise in it’s crime rate. Murders and rapes have been increasing more and more each year. The murder rate in Tulsa has skyrocketed since the 2000. 

The chance of being a victim of crime in Tulsa is in average 1 to 15. For every 100,000 person 15 of them will be murdered which is really bad compared to the surrounding cities such as Jenks and Owasso.

 The north side of Tulsa seems to be the hot zone of crime. The Tulsa Police Gilcrease Division Department has had an increase in employees to try to get more officers in the streets to slow down intense crime. The employment rate has went up consistently 10 percent with the yearly increase in crime

Compared to near states such as Kansas, Tulsa is like a war zone because of the rate of crime with murders, thefts and assaults and the small population.

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Cities With Similar Population

City, StatePopulationViolent crime/100k peopleProperty crime/100k peopleTotal crime/100k people
Oakland, CA392,8901,6855,9437,629
Minneapolis, MN385,0231,0124,7285,740
Cleveland, OH397,9721,3345,4346,769
Wichita, KS381,176(Kansas) 3462,9533,299
Miami, FL401,9271,0604,8335,893
Tulsa, OK391,486(Tulsa) 8055,0825,887


Reported Annual Crime In Tulsa

StatisticReportedincidentsTulsa/100k peopleOklahoma/100k peopleNational/100k people
Total crime23,5215,8873,3972,962
StatisticReportedincidentsTulsa/100k peopleOklahoma/100k peopleNational/100k people
Violent crime3,217805406366
Vehicle theft2,310578273216
Property crime20,3045,0822,9912,596


Population and Demographics of Oklahoma and Tulsa

By Ruiming Li

In Oklahoma and the city Tulsa, the population and demographics change every year, and they are the necessary data when people researching the state’s population structure and the trend of demographics.

In 2016, the total population of Oklahoma is 3,751,351. There are 1,856,997 male population and 1,894,374 female population in this state.  There are 2,706,845 white people in the state and cover 72% of total population there. There are only 385 Alaska Native Tribes in the state. As the smallest group, the population of them is below 1% of total population.  The median age of Oklahoma is 36.

In Oklahoma State, Oklahoma City has the biggest population. There are 579,999 people there. Compared with Oklahoma City, Tulsa has less population, which are 391,906. However, Tulsa Country is the country with the biggest population in Oklahoma. There are 603,403 people live in there.

Compared with Oklahoma, Texas has more population, there are 25,145,561 people live in Texas. Dallas is the largest city in Texas with 1,197,816 people. Compare with Texas, Oklahoma City has less population.

Based on the demographics of Oklahoma, there is an interesting fact is the population in this state is relative centralized in big cities. For example, the total population of Oklahoma City and Tulsa is 971,905. It takes 26% of total population in the state. 

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Tulsa by the Numbers: Population

By Kohei Kunisaki

Median resident age in Tulsa is 34.7 years old. Compared to Oklahoma City, whose average age is 33.9, People living in Tulsa is relatively older. Furthermore, the percentage of people in age 21 to 24 is higher than that of other cities in Oklahoma.

The number of population in Oklahoma City had increased by 17 percent since 1990 to 2010. Although population in Tulsa had also increased by six percent since 1990 to 2010, it has decreased by one percent from 2000 to 2010. An article from Tulsa World said, the lowering oil prices is related to the slowdown of population growth in Tulsa. 


Tulsa By The Numbers: Entertainment and Leisure Activities

By Jalen Manning

The type of entertainment someone pursues largely depends on that person’s age group, cultural background, or personal interests. This is true in Tulsa, as the top form of entertainment varies between the different age groups.

For much of the younger population, haunted houses are a popular source of entertainment around Halloween time. Tulsa, Oklahoma is home to one of the nations most frightening and intense, as the Hex House ranks in the top 15 nationally, according to

For Tulsa’s older population however, haunted houses aren’t their cup of tea. Instead, the older residents of Tulsa enjoy going to events such as the Bass Master Classic. This event was first held in Tulsa in 2013, and generated $23 million dollars in financial impact locally and regionally.