Thursday, January 28, 2016

Andolini’s Pizzeria offers you delicious pizzas and good customer experience

By Kohei Kunisaki

There are many restaurants in Tulsa, but Andolini’s pizzeria is definitely one of the best ones Tulsa has to offer. The store is located on E 15th St, which is just 2 miles away from University of Tulsa.

Andolini’s has its roots in Naples, Italy. Jim and Mike Bausch, the owner of Andolini’s, immigrated to America. After progressed San Francisco, they eventually got to Tulsa and started their business. I believe that their policies on food and service they provide are one of the reasons for its popularity. They make their foods from scratch. Also the staffs are very friendly. Andolini’s is very professional in providing its customers satisfying services.

You can sense appetizing smell of garlic and pizza even from the entrance. I went to the restaurant at 6 on Saturday, but by the time I got there the store was full of people waiting for their name to be called. There was also a long line for people ordering pizza for carryout. You can see how Tulsans love Andolini’s just by seeing how busy the restraint is.

They have a good collection of alcohol, too. Beers go well with the garlic knots.

Andolini’s has variety of pizzas. This time I ordered one named S.P.Q.P. It has ricotta, garlic, house made Italian sausage and prosciutto on the crust. It is heavenly tasty. Andolini’s is also known for its garlic knots. They have the perfect combination of tenderness and crunch.
Large pizzas

If you want to have delicious pizza and astonishing customer service, I highly recommend Andolini’s Pizzeria.

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Maxxwell's Restaurant serves Tulsa's home cooking with newly renovated flair

By Abby Hickman

The home of the delicious five-dollar burgers, Maxxwell’s Restaurant is connected to The Campbell Hotel on historic Route 66 and serves southern home cooking all week for hotel guests and the public in their newly renovated corner setting.

Maxxwell’s Restaurant is a classy but comfortable diner and bar in
walking distant from the University of Tulsa. “I’d say this place was renovated around 2011,” my waitress on Wednesday afternoon shared. The history of The Campbell Hotel dates back to the early 1900s.

                         Outside view on Harvard
The Campbell Hotel offers special events, luxury rooms, and a spa in their historic and award-winning hotel. 

Bar and dining area
Maxxwell’s Restaurant serves specials everyday including “Monday Kids Eat  FREE* Night” and “Sunday’s 5 Dollar Burger.” Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily.

Front page of menu
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Hotel at

The Coffee Side To Life

By Rebecca Reeve

Whether you’re a coffee lover or a tea drinker, the city of Tulsa has so many places to offer, but I can’t go past 918 Coffee. This local unique coffee shop has so much to offer from their great tasting drinks to their delicious food.

Morad and Annie El-Rahed opened 918 Coffee in July 2013 when they wanted to give Route 66 a unique coffeehouse stop off. Located at 2446 East 11th Street the friendly warming feeling this coffee shop gives you will keep you coming back time and time again.

I found that 918 Coffee was a great place to hang out for a warm drink and sweet treat while studying for exams or just to catch up with friends. From the friendly staff to the cool unique décor it has to offer it gives you a very welcoming feeling, I will definitely be going back to 918 Coffee very soon.

918 Coffee located on East 11th Street. 

Shopping at Tulsa's Unique Boutique

By Melissa Cunningham
Stash's Storefront
Stash is a locally owned trendy clothing and gift shop located at 3734 S Peoria Ave Tulsa, OK 74105. When you walk into Stash you are greeted warmly by the employees and can browse the collection of apparel, home décor, greeting cards, jewelry and other items.

Stash believes in supporting the local community and a selection of their merchandise has been created by a handful of local designers and artists. They get new arrivals almost daily so there is always something new to look at.

Their women’s and men’s clothing has been voted Absolute Best of Tulsa and Tulsa People's Readers Choice A List. They also have a collection of unique collegiate apparel so you can show your support for OSU, OU, and of course TU!
Business Card
You can visit Stash's website at

Thomas Longacre: the man who architected Thunderkick gym

By Alex Stephens
If you walk into Thunderkick gym located in the Promenade mall you may find yourself very to be very surprised. What you find is a group of incredibly high level fighters who compete for a number of different promotions across the nation. This gym is reputed as one of the best if not the best MMA gym in Oklahoma.

At the helm of it all is Mr. Thomas Longacre. A native of both Sapulpa and the Creek nation Thomas started competing in martial arts at the age of seven. He found himself immediately hooked. He quickly became very good and won tournaments which led him to start competing at the national level in kickboxing. He fought for organizations such as Chuck Norris's league, Strike Force and Legacy Fights. Fast foreword to today he is a retired fighter with both a wife and newborn baby who coaches an elite group of fighters. He has ambitious plans to expand and still works another job in order to fulfill his passion of training over ten different fighters.

- A view of the mats


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Don't Forget The Donuts

By Kolton Shindelar

Woman receiving her freshly ordered donuts

If you're near the Tulsa Campus and are looking for your favorite Breakfast sweet then head down Harvard and right before you get to 21st street daylight donuts, across from Quik Trip, will be there to brighten your day. This is one of a few Daylight Donuts scattered around the greater Tulsa area.

sausage rolls alongside a chocolate covered donuts

With there just being a few you must be wondering what makes them different from any famous donut shop in the area. The difference is in the taste. The donuts are made fresh to order and custom to order. The store is known for their alphabet donuts so that you are able to create a special message for a great gift for the heart and stomach. they are also known for their different but delicious sausage rolls. If you're looking for an easy breakfast look no further than day light donuts.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Great Tattoos With Culture

By Lionell Phillips Jr

Tattoos are life-long pieces of art on your body so why get something average. At the tattoo shop called Colour Studios, some of the best artists Tulsa has to offer can make your dream come true about getting a nice tattoo! The owner of the shop Daniel, Gulick, is not just a nice tattoo artist, he is also a great painter, sculptor and drawer. Most of his art work is mind blowing and can capture one's attention quick.

Daniel Gulick has traveled almost around the world creating amazing art work and has come up with outstanding ideas over the years. Daniel always brings positive vibes and can connect with anyone. While you laugh at Daniel's jokes the time is going to fly by like it is nothing.

Daniel free-handed my tattoos. I trusted him because of his background and knowledge of real tattoo art and the culture. All of my tattoos represent my family and my way of life. Daniel took his time and he created my tattoos and brought them to life. So if you want a great tattoo, stop by Colour Studios. They are located on 2012 E. 11th St.

The Perfect Burger in the great town of Tulsa

By James Flanders

The wonderful city of Tulsa have many burger joints around. Ty's Hamburgers is a great place and a 
small enjoyable place to eat at. They opened up the restaurant in 1983. What makes them so unique is that they bring their own fresh meat everyday and also spin their own potatoes every day to make the curly Q fries which is tasty to your stomach.

Ty's Hamburgers have one of the shortest menu in the city. They have tasty choices of quarter-pound or one-third-pound regular hamburger that you can make it into a cheeseburger or hickory burger and hickory cheeseburger. Which all of it is cheap prices. Also bacon is extra and a side of curly fries with a burger.

Hickory Cheeseburger with Bacon and Fries

I had sat down with a customer, and he said "He goes here most of the time, I kid you not, one of the best burger place in Tulsa."  Ty's Hamburgers is slowly but surely emerging their way up to the top of the market of where to eat at. 


In the video they have a game room which you can play pool and enjoy yourself with the person or people you came with. 

Going Outdoors and Meet New Animal Friends in Tulsa Zoo

By Ruiming Li

In a beautiful day, going outdoors and meet some friends is a good choice, so Tulsa Zoo can provide so much fun when you travel there to know more new animal friends and enjoy a wonderful holiday.  

The castors in the zoo
Tulsa Zoo is one of the most interesting place in Tulsa which located in Mohawk Park, and there are more than 10 areas with different species ready to show up for every visitor. Since 1927, Tulsa Zoo is continue to add more projects and expand scale in order to provide more abundant interesting programs and animals to visitors, such as the zoo is rebuilding the elephant area named Lost Kingdom, it will bring more interesting feeling to people in the near future.

Compare with other places, Tulsa Zoo gives me more expectation, because I can observe animals in different seasons, and animals will have different behaviors, so the zoo is always change, just like the residents in there are always showing their new lifestyles.  

Chimpanzee "Jodi"